Automated Social Relationship Services for the Real Estate Agencies
André Hegge, Co-founder & CEO of Adfenix
Elevera helped Adfenix in preparing for and concluding a Series A fundraising of $6 MUSD from top-notch investors in September 2017. Elevera’s Thorgeir Einarsson provided guidance that has been invaluable. His support has enabled us to keep up our rapid growth and beat budget every month during the entire, surprisingly smooth, process. Meanwhile, Elevera dived deep into the business and has been a big part in helping Adfenix level up as a company, including but not limited to sharpening our overall strategy, building financial models and producing a compelling pitch-deck.
- André Hegge, Co-founder & CEO of Adfenix
Real Time Threat Intelligence & CyberSecurity. Anubis Networks was acquired in 2014 by Bitsight Technologies, Boston, MA
Francisco Fonseca, CEO & Founder
“Elevera helped AnubisNetworks refine its strategic positioning and operational strategy in the CyberSecurity market, supporting an dual-track M&A and fundraising mandate together with Go4Venture. Elevera’s Thorgeir Einarsson assumed an interim VP Corporate Development role, supporting me, the management team and the board throughout the process from preparing the company for a fundraising or tradesale, executing marketing positioning, and all the way towards concluding what eventually became an M&A transaction. The assignment was very much a hands-on approach based on Elevera’s deep understanding of the cyber security space. Thorgeir has also provided executive coaching for all of the management team and helped divest of non-strategic IP assets during the project. As a result of Elevera’s consulting and intimate involvement in shaping AnubisNetworks business strategy and market positioning, the company was able to focus its business and get back on a growth curve. A tradesale was ultimately concluded in October 2014 to Bitsight Technologies (Boston, MA). I would recommend Elevera Advisers to any technology growth or startup company who is looking for a hands-on approach to preparation itself for either fundraising or M&A, where the adviser actually understand the business!"
- Francisco Fonseca, CEO & Founder
Mobile Games Subscription Platform acquired my OnMobile Global Limited (Bangalore, India) in October 2018
Jonatan Redvik, CEO & Founder
“We are very pleased to have had Elevera as an adviser to map the marketplace, identify and contact potential suitors and help negotiate an M&A  transaction through to final completion”, says Jonatan Redvik, CEO and co-founder of Appland “The buyer, OnMobile Global Ltd, with its global presence, experience, and product portfolio, coupled with Appland’s flexible gaming solution, for both adults and kids, will help us to create the future of mobile entertainment."
- Jonatan Redvik, CEO & Founder
eleven GmbH was acquired 2013 by Cyren Inc., McLean, VA
Robert Rothe, CEO & Founder
"Elevera's helped eleven GmbH in a part-time interim corporate development role during a period of exploring dual tracks of both growth venture funding and M&A.  Thorgeir Einarsson, in the interim Corp Dev role, supported the CEO team throughout the process from preparing the company for funding, assisting in executive recruiting of a new management team, building the information memorandum, presenting & negotiating term-sheets with VCs, liaising with lawyers on IP issues and interacting with investment bankers. Ultimately, a trade sale transaction was ultimately concluded in 2013 to Cyren Ltd. (McLean, VA)."
- Robert Rothe, CEO & Founder
Plug & play energy artificial intelligence solutions for the connected smart home
Håkan Ludvigson, CEO and co-founder
Elevera has advised Eliq in its strategic development and positioning in the connected smart home market, with excellent results. Elevera also played an important role, assisting in preparations, meetings and negotiations with investors during our extended seed round closed during Q2-2016. Elevera's Thorgeir Einarsson has further provided outstanding coaching for the entire founding team, and myself as CEO in particular. We will continue to seek Elevera's advise in the growth and financing of the business.
- Håkan Ludvigson, CEO and co-founder
Tech-enabled Hybrid Real-Estate Agency
Imre Marton, CEO & Founder
"Elevera advised Hemverket in preparing and concluding a Series-A institutional funding transaction of $2.3m in June 2016, to continue our aggressive growth as the pioneer and market leader in the Swedish fixed-fee real estate industry. This investment also sets us up for our future ambitions for international growth. We engaged Elevera to help us with hands-on international market research and corporate development work, prior to commencing a structured fund raising process. This collaborative process with Elevera helped us to sharpen our strategic market positioning, build detailed financial models and producing a compelling pitch-deck. I would especially thank Elevera for getting down to minute detail of our business to understand and challenge our processes. I'm also impressed by the out-in-the-field research of the international PropTech market and helping us to connect us not just to investors but also with strategic partners during this project. This fact-based and data-drive research approach by Elevera has helped us to articulate our clear growth strategy to potential investors, resulting in a successful investment transaction and a future path for our continued success!”
- Imre Marton, CEO & Founder
Medical Endovascular Simulation Platforms
Göran Malmberg, CEO
“As part of Mentices growth strategy, Elevera was engaged to help review our market positioning and messaging in the Medical Simulation industry. What we valued very much was Elevera’s approach of engaging directly with our customers and partners, extracting valuable and relevant information from the field as a basis for our strategy. Elevera also helped formulate Mentice corporate culture by interviewing with key employees across the globe, drawing valuable feedback from the deep technical, customer and clinical knowledge residing within the company. Elevera provided executive coaching during the engagement on topics relating to corporate finance to strategic partnerships. Elevera’s consulting, coaching and strategic advice created a strong foundation for a marketing message, leading the debate in the medical simulation field. This marketing message was critical to align Mentice leadership and staff around the vision of the company and how Mentice will meet our customers’ expectations."
- Göran Malmberg, CEO

Joakim Sjöblom, CEO & Co-founder
"Elevera Advisers acted as exclusive financial advisor to Minna Technologies on €5.6M investment led by Zenith Venture Capital with the participation of Visa and existing investor Swedbank. We are delighted to welcome these new investors and the continued support from existing investors that will give us the opportunity to accelerate product developments and geographical expansion. Elevera Advisers supported our fundraising process from preparation to execution, engaging all the way from an operational to a strategic level" More details of this Series A round here
- Joakim Sjöblom, CEO & Co-founder
Accelerating the availability of electrified & containerized Last-Mile-Delivery services by eCargoBike and CityHubs
Johan Erlandsson, Co-founder & CEO
“Elevera has provided not just support in a structured funding process, but helped the leadership team with growth strategies, market research, key executive recruitments, individual coaching and board advice. We are thankful for all the hands-on help we have received from Elevera during this important project to help Velove grow and make a real difference!”
- Johan Erlandsson, Co-founder & CEO
AI-Powered Employee Engagement SaaS Platform
Pierre Lindmark, Co-founder & CEO of Winningtemp
Elevera has been helping Winningtemp since 2019 with strategies for developing the business. Elevera's Thorgeir Einarsson has also acted as an advisor to me as CEO and for the leaders in the business. In the final stages of our latest series B round, we also brought in Elevera as an advisor to the main owners for strategy and advice on investor selection and negotiations. We have been impressed by Elevera Advisers expertise in the field, to understand the market and with a genuine commitment that is hard to find. We give our strongest recommendation to Elevera Advisors.
- Pierre Lindmark, Co-founder & CEO of Winningtemp
On-Demand Job Matching Platform to fight Youth Unemployment
Eija Kiviranta, CEO & Co-Founder
"Elevera has provided invaluable support to me and my co-founder at WorkPilots to help to prepare and secure additional growth funding through Elevera’s investor network and hands-on advice throughout the funding process. We would never have been able to reach and meet with such a vast amounts of qualified investors from VCs, to corporate investors and industry experienced angels. We are excited to have both secured this seed funding and also developed relationships for our future planned A-series round."
- Eija Kiviranta, CEO & Co-Founder