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Software eats the world – but vertically integrated hardware delivers happy customers!

Best solutions are solved with vertical integration of hardware, software and services

January 26, 2019
(circa 8 min read) Marc was right – very, very right! Marc Andreessen (of VC firm A16Z) wrote a famous article in the Wall Street Journal in August 2011 entitled “Why Software is Eating the world”.   When re-reading this article today, it might feel as if Mr Andreessen was stating the obvious. But very…
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The Gig Economy: Impact Investment Opportunity to Fight Youth Unemployment…if done right!

Mobile apps for on-demand temp-work gives youth a chance to shine!

February 12, 2017
Photo credit to: Derek Bacon from the Economist article “Future of work – There’s an app for that”​, January 2015 (a 5 minute read) Hate or dig your gig! Whilst established taxi drivers in London, Paris, Madrid and Berlin complain about Uber stealing away their customers, the same on-demand service is a godsend for unemployed…
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5 things startups can learn from Iceland’s football team

August 16, 2016
It’s been hard to avoid the surprising performance of the Icelandic football team in the Euro2016 playoffs. Just to recap for those who missed it: Iceland with 330 000 inhabitants just south of the arctic circle (yes, its pretty cold most of the year) made it into the top 8 teams of Europe, knocking out…
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