Social Impact

Afriversity Logo_newtaglineElevera Advisers believes in participating in projects with positive social impact, to leverage its know-how and network contacts developed over the years in the entrepreneurial and venture investment world.

Afriversity Trust ( was founded in 2009 with the aim to support African entrepreneurs with practical tools, mentorship and advise so that they can release their full potential. Afriversity is a not-for profit organisation completely dependent on sponsors that are interested in taking an active interest in “paying it forward”, or more specifically, offering “help to self-help” to those who wants to create their own luck by hard work!

t-shirt design_ver5_bGoWebAfrica was Afriversity’s latest initiative where Elevera Advisers is actively sponsoring this initiative, aiming at empowering 20,000 township entrepreneurs in South Africa to get their own internet domain name, professional looking web-site and practical training on how to do business online.

Missing People

We proudly support the Missing People organization in Sweden.