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Elevera takes a hands-on approach to work closely with the management team to have a deep understanding of the business. Depending on the mandate, the following are typical areas of engagements that can be provided in part or as a whole. Elevera’s approach to fund raising and M&A is always to perform a deep business analysis prior to any campaign to raise capital or seek a suitor.

Build a “Fundable” Growth Plan

Depending on the founders/owners’ goals, Elevera helps the leadership team articulate the company strategy in the form of an operational and financial business plan in a format that investors want to see. Typically this involves analysing the company’s specific market dynamics, unique technology or business model advantages, desired team structure, got-to-market approach and underlying growth assumptions. This analysis will assess the opportunities and risks for existing and new investors to accelerate growth with additional funding.
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Market Positioning & Sales Execution

Elevera helps is customers to success by correct market positioning, i.e. understanding its unique value proposition, in a choosen product category, with a clear target audience and “leading the debate” on its own terms. We believe in integrated marketing, sales and product strategies as its execution is today’s digital world is often intrinsically linked. We encourage marketing oriented organisations that understand and monitor its customers’ needs, preferences and behaviour in detail. All company activities must be directly or indirectly adding value to the acquisition of new customers, or adding value to existing customers’ positive experiences, constantly improving the product/service, leading to recurring and predictable revenues.
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Elevera act as exclusive advisers for end-to-end management of the entire capital raising process. Our services include all preparatory work such as setting up virtual data rooms, creating compelling pitch decks, building financial models, leading and managing meetings, reviewing term sheets, liaising with legal counsel, handling negotiations and managing & closing the transaction.


Elevera act as exclusive Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) advisers providing customized end-to-end merger advisory to meet each client's unique needs. Our services include building a defendable valuation and strategic value proposition, identifying potential suitors, building a company pitch deck, preparing IM materials, executing a high-impact campaign, managing inquiries, negotiating terms and contracts, liaising with legal counsel, and managing/closing the transaction.

Board & Leadership Coaching

Support and participating in board and management team, including attending and chairing meetings, coaching and supporting management members, build strategic, financial and operational plans in liaison with CEO, CFO other management team members.

Interim Corporate Development

Assuming the corporate development role on a part time basis to support the CEO with strategic partnerships, organisational developments, executive hirings, investors relationships and related topics.

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